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Chlöe gives BIG ENERGY in her first music video for her single 'Have Mercy'!

Wait... Did you see that 👀?... WHEW CHILE!

Can we just acknowledge the fact that @ChloeBailey had NO mercy on her fanbase tonight has she served us a whole lotta talent and #bawdy? #ChloeBailey just released the accompanying music video to her debut single #HaveMercy early this morning and the 23-year old singer, songwriter, and actress made it clear that she did NOT come to PLAY‼

Showing off her vocal, lyrical, and rapping skills, Chlöe has definitely set the tone for what she plans to bring to the table on her new journey as a solo artist! Throughout the visual, the vocalist showed off her fashion sense and dance ability... but there was definitely more! If you haven't seen the video go check it out! Congratulations to Chlöe Bailey of @ChloexHalle

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