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We Aspire to Empower, Inspire & Enlighten

XBlaze Magazine is a D.M.V (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia) based Multimedia Outlet that is focused on delivering POSITIVE, time-relevant, and inspirational content to the masses. Often we shed light on ambitious children, teens & young adults who are a part of various professional industries such as entrepreneurship, entertainment, leadership, and more! However, we do not limit our spotlight to youth alone! Over here, the calling is to enlighten you with wholesome, motivational & uplifting media, while simultaneously empowering and informing you!

Our Story

XBlaze was accidentally conceived in the summer of 2015 by a 7th grader transitioning into their last year of middle school. After a month of pure boredom, an average everyday 13-year-old decided to reach out to a bunch of other teens and adults they admired, to see if they would agree to sit down and chat. Soon after XBlaze Magazine was born (we identify as a Leo, just in case you're wondering)!

Even in our earliest years, the purposes and vision of XBlaze Magazine were well established. The mission was to provide a solution for someone else who was feeling bored, sad, uninspired, and unaware. The founder wanted to create something that would motivate other youths to get up and find entertainment, a smile, motivation, and knowledge!

Years later, this is still the primary goal, and with every publication, interview, article, and upload, we achieve this! However— the ultimate goal is to complete the mission by fulfilling our purpose!

Throughout the years, we have not only published a number of magazines, articles, and interviews with remarkable individuals! We have also earned recognition from prominent figures and outlets across the country! While also being blessed with numerous opportunities to be present at events, award shows, and conferences whether it be to cover or present!


In such a short frame of time, XBlaze Magazine has accumulated a number of achievements that make the teen-owned outlet stand out amongst the rest! However, the story has only just begun because the future is looking very vivacious for this outlet! Plus, we still have a number of things to check off of our bucket list!

We've Worked With...

Some of the names we have worked with throughout the years!

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