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GRL PWR: Blasian Baby Lola is making her own path in the entertainment media industry! [Preview]

"I originally started modeling and acting when I was three years old, but I didn’t start getting into social media until I was like ten." Lola elaborated that she has always had an interest in technology and content production. Intrigued by the iPhone and similar devices, the teen described her younger self as never being interested in "the girly princess stuff," but rather in the internet! Thus, Lola created a YouTube channel when she was ten. Shortly after, one of her videos went viral, surpassing one million views. The influencer recalled thinking, "Oh my gosh! A million views on YouTube? For doing a fake belly button piercing?" From that point on, Lola knew that content creation was something she enjoyed and wanted to continue. Her investment in YouTube soon became the first chapter of a new journey.

As a young child, Lola aspired to become a Cook or Chef. Lola comes from a background that values food and cooking for one’s family; hence, she was practically raised in the kitchen. The social media personality also often tuned into Chopped regularly. Even revealing that she once auditioned to be on the exact American reality show that spans over fifty seasons! Currently, Lola still has hopes of achieving this goal in the future. "I still wanna be a Chef. Like I still hope and wish— and I’m going to manifest it— to have my own restaurant [...] when I get older." Thus, we will keep our eyes out for Chef Lola’s debut!

After graduating from high school, Lola was meant to attend an HBCU, Clark-Atlanta State University. Clark Atlanta was one of Lola’s favorite HBCUs and a dream school for her. She applied and was accepted to the illustrious college. However, she encountered a dilemma shortly after committing. The 19-year-old artist was presented with the opportunity to join a girl group. The offer entailed her moving to Los Angeles, California, and working with the girls and managerial team to produce music. Many artists and creatives often relocate to Los Angeles with nothing but their faith and talent, as the city is a major hotspot for big-break opportunities and growth! Lucky for Lola, she was being offered a guaranteed, long-term opportunity that also had her working with familiar faces. After weighing her options and deliberating on her next move, Lola decided to... [ORDER A COPY OF GRL PWR TO FINISH READING]

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