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GRL PWR: An Innovative & Independent Hot Girl, Beshee shares her path to Entrenuership! [Preview]

When did you start Essentielle?

I started Essentielle in the middle of a global pandemic last July 20, 2020. I

was still at school, and I was struggling to keep up with our daily expenses.

I also have a part-time job every weekend. One day I was browsing Tiktok

and I came across this girl who makes her own cosmetics that gave me a

spark or inspiration to start my own business. I also realized that there is a

huge gap in the market when it comes to lip care specifically to lip glosses.

There were no lip glosses at that time that were vegan, cruelty-free,

natural, and not sticky. So, I researched a lot on how I can figure out the

best formula. I tried multiple samples through my ingredients until I

mastered how it is done. After months of studying the formulation,

perfecting every detail, studied how I can sell it legally in Canada and

how e-commerce works. I figured that it is the right time to launch my

Tell us about your business and what it specializes in. Where did you

get the name Essentielle from?

Essentielle started with lip glosses and lip scrubs only and now it grew to

selling body care products like body butter, body scrub, body oil, body

wash and body mist. I handmade each one of the products making sure

that quality beats style. Essentielle gives the vibe of pink Pilate princess

aesthetic or soft girl and being the main character of your life. We now

specialize in making natural, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty care products.

Essentielle’s name came from the French word Essential. I aligned my

brand name to being the must have essential on your beauty ritual.

When you first began your journey as an entrepreneur, what goals

did you have for your business?

When I first started Essentielle my goals with it were to make it known with

other people other than my family and friends here in Canada. To build a

strong social media presence and generally building my brand. I set a goal

every month to gain new followers on my Tiktok and Instagram and by

sharing my story of how I started my small business and making valuable

content that people love to see like packing orders and behind the scenes

of running a small business.

When did you notice that you were growing and that your business

was garnering an audience and potential customers? What did this

feel like?

I noticed that my business was growing when I was getting constant

compliments about my products. They started to like what I do, and my

story. They help me share and like my content, from there my following

grew more. Then one day a video on Tiktok got 1 million views in 10 hours.

This was very exciting, and I was speechless when I got a lot of orders

came in every second. It’s like... [ORDER A COPY OF GRL PWR TO FINISH READING]

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