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DMV EDITION: Bratz_I.N.C, More Than a Pretty Face! Meet Shannon, STEM Girl, CEO + More [Preview]

...with companies like Google. So, if you can’t tell by now, Shannon is more than just a model and pretty face; she is an innovator that will not let adversity keep her from trying to go against the odds, and a woman who plans to change the world with her efforts, however she can!

You are amongst a plethora of influential African-American women who share content on various social platforms. What led you to become a content creator?

Influencing was not something that I worked towards, it kind of just happened. I am a girly girl who loves getting dressed up and wearing fun clothes and changing up my style. As you can imagine the COVID pandemic for a girl like me was upsetting. I found a way to make light of it and I would just get all dressed up and take pictures and post them. I started getting better and better with photography and developed a love for film. Which allowed me to be so successful. Before the pandemic hit I had around 800 followers and I posted maybe 2 times a year. Like prior to my success I always thought it was cool but I didn’t really have a drive to be an influencer.

When did you start your journey/career as a content creator?

My first post that went crazy viral is actually my profile picture It was a picture with me in Bantu knots. I had a little less than 8,000 followers (which in itself is crazy because just 2 months prior I had a little less than 1,000 followers) but I ended up getting 50,000 likes on that photo and those are numbers that I had never seen in my life. I was blown away. That was kind of a defining moment for my social media career. That was the photo that everyone saw like family and friends that I hadn’t seen in years saw it. People from my church and all over the DMV saw that picture which was insane to me.

Many have called you ‘famous’ or a social media ‘celebrity’, however, you have also expressed that you do not feel this is true. What do you consider yourself and why?

I consider myself a normal person; I think it’s crazy how people associate notoriety with fame and celebrity status. Like I still have a normal life and I still function like everyone else. The only difference is this is my job. I don’t care to be famous but I would love to expand my community just because I love promoting self-love to little black girls who may or may not have grown up with self-esteem issues. I grew up in a predominantly white county which had a unique effect on my perspective on a variety of things. So I just want a larger community to keep rooting for the black girls and the stem nerds like myself who didn’t always have that representation.

Do you consider yourself a content creator, model, influencer, or do you consider yourself none of the above?

I consider myself an influencer simply because I know the words I say and the things I do have an effect on our society. It also influences black culture. Whether it be intentional or unintentional everyone is affected by social media so the things I do and the things I choose to participate in have an effect on my society. I understand that consequence and I take it very seriously that’s why you won’t see me sharing anything... [ORDER THE DMV EDITION TO FINISH READING\

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