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Mini-Series: Hear My Black Excellence

Skilled & Dedicated: Owner of SSBeautyTally

SSBeauty... We just started 2018. Fully staffed. Three locations; and we are on a roll, and on the track to becoming a big beauty franchise.

Image from Instagram: @shannon.sherrell


Shannon Sherrell is the owner of the fast-growing brand SSBeautyTally. SSBeautyTally is a spa, hair store, and hair salon! When asked about her brand, Shannon responded by saying “Our thing is to make you feel so SO beautiful!” Shannon’s brand was first brought into existence with the birth of the SSBeautyTally Hair Salon in March of 2018. In January of 2019, SSBeautyTally also opened up as its own Spa, later branching out and opening an SSBeautyTally hair store in July of that same year! Sherrell’s brand has now accumulated the commitment of eight different contractors within her area. Sherrell is also the proud author of ‘God is the Recipe’. A book that takes readers through the beautiful story of how Sherrell learned to braid and plat at the tender age of four, as well as herself taught journey in braiding to the scalp, and much more.

Shannon revealed that her brand’s name was, in a way, self-inspired. “It actually stands for Shannon Sherrell Baker...” The skilled stylist started her odyssey in the beauty industry eleven years ago, while she was a high school Senior, professionally known to clients and customers as ‘Hair by Shannon Sherrell’. Shannon stuck with this name up until the day right before the official opening of her hair salon. Shannon expressed that her esteemed reputation under ‘Hair by Shannon Sherrell’ assisted her greatly when it came time to open her locations.

Image from Instagram @ssbeautytally

Since the age of five, Shannon Sherrell knew that she wanted to become a hairstylist! She has also been a serious admirer of Madam CJ Walker since Kindergarten. Shannon further explained that many of her relatives knew how to style hair too, “Nobody really looked at it as a solid career…” That is before her and one of her cousins who also styles professionally. Shannon voiced that ‘God is the Recipe’ truly gives readers a detailed, first- hand look into her origin, as well as the gradual establishment of her brand SSBeautyTally.

“Nobody really looked at it as a solid career...”

Sherrell elucidated that nothing fueled or influenced her desire to passionately dedicate her time to the convoluted art of styling hair. Shannon further expressed that, in a spiritual way, she felt as though hair styling was her calling because, “I do feel that God talks to kids, in ways where they understand.” The commitment just began when she was four and curiously asked her grandmother to teach her.


At the time that Hair by Shannon Sherrell and the overall brand was taking its first steps, Shannon kept all her business to herself, “your responsibility is your responsibility. Your blessings from God are your blessings,” hence Shannon kept her hustle private. She had people in her circle that supported her. Instead of telling all her friends and family, she allowed her hard work to do all the talking.

Yet, despite all the obstacles and travails, Sherrell stays motivated because of her sincere love and passion for her craft and clients. “A lot of people do things because it looks cool or because of money. That’s when you don’t stay consistent.” Shannon claimed that one must first have both, a talent and passion for something before they decide to pursue it as something serious because without a passion one can easily lose themselves or give up. Shannon revealed that she still encounters tribulations even now; explaining that, “businesses always have hardships, it’s just a matter of your emotional intelligence.” Sherrell’s Passion and Talent philosophy also helps her push through when things are looking rough.


Like many of her respected kind, Shannon is not ready to settle with her current status of success anytime soon. Overall Shannon’s hope is to continue expanding and helping others.

Currently, Shannon is also the founder of a nonprofit organization commonly known as L.A.D.I.E.S (Leadership, Advancement, Development, Involvement, Encouragement, and Service), with a mission to become one of the most influential mentoring organizations for young women in Sherrell's region, and one day on an international level. As well as provide financial support for undergraduates such as Grants and Scholarships. Shannon also expressed that she hopes to see SSBeauty grow big enough to have a reputation similar to Aveda or Paul Mitchell.

Shannon closed out her interview by encouraging everyone to reach for the stars and work hard to obtain their dreams! "Do it because we are our own worst enemy and our own worst critic… There is always an audience or target market for whatever you have to offer. You just have to believe in yourself… You learn as you go, and you get better and better with time."

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More Questions with Shannon!

Said by XBlaze Magazine

Said by Shannon Sherrell

Who are you?

My name is Shannon Sherrell and I am the founder of the mentoring organization and the founder of the SSBeauty brand (Salon, spa & hair store)

When you think of Black History, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

I think of all the greats who came before me and paved the way for a young black woman like me to excel and be the successful businesswoman I am today.

When you think ‘Black Excellence’ who do you picture?

I think of black people much like myself who know where they come from, understand that we have not always had the opportunities we have today and take full advantage of every opportunity. I think of black people who believe in themselves and that believe that they can achieve anything they desire.

What is one word that describes you uniquely as an individual?

Perseverance describes me perfectly because history has proven that despite the situation, I will always rise above.

Growing up, who were some African American figures that influenced/inspired you? Why did this person influence you? Do they still influence you?

I have always been inspired by the great, Madam C.J. Walker, Beyoncé & Oprah. All of these women have inspired me due to their diligence, hard work, grace and success. In my opinion, they have all proven that you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be if you stay consistent and put in the work.

How do you honor Black History outside of the month of February?

I make sure to always support my people and to support black business. Black excellence has become the theme of my day to day life.

As an ambitious and confident African American woman, What advice would you give to other women chasing their dreams?

I would let them know that God has blessed them with all the tools to be successful in what they aspire to do. I will also let them know that the world is waiting for their uniqueness and what they have to offer, so don’t waste another minute.

What is your favorite thing about Black Culture?

My favorite thing is the empowerment and support of my people. I also have a great appreciation for the fact that we are going back to our roots in many ways, whether its passion, fashion, or beliefs.

Are there any African countries you would like to visit someday? What is your favorite movie that honors Black History month? Why are you proud to be Black?

I would like to visit as many parts of Africa as I possibly can. My favorite movie that honors Black History month is Love & Basketball. Love & Basketball is a huge part of the black culture and will forever go down in history as one of the movies that every black person loves. I am proud to be black because we are strong, powerful, smart, beautiful, creative and all-around trendsetters.

How do you display Black Excellence?

I display black excellence by going for everything that I want in life, excelling at my passions and by motivating my people to do the same.

Favorite quote this month?

My favorite quote this month is “Don’t sit and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” -Madam C.J. Walker

Written by XBlaze Magazine | All Rights Reserved ©

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