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Torera Anc
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Torera is the Founder, CEO, and Senior Editor of XBlaze Magazine, a multimedia outlet originating from the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia tri-state area. Founded by Torera while in middle school, XBlaze Magazine is focused on delivering positive, time-relevant, and inspirational news and content to the masses by shedding light on ambitious individuals who are part of various professional industries. Torera is also a singer and writer, with an immense love for entertainment!

In just a few short years, Torera has led her growing media outlet to work collaboratively with multiple prestigious events across the country and has spoken to a handful of icons and legends that only a few ever get to encounter! While only being a college student, the Editor has independently published over a dozen publications and conducted over 200 interviews, while also finding time to collaboratively work with esteemed award shows like the Black Music Honors, Stellar Awards, and Grammys, just to name a few. She has also worked with networks like Lifetime, TV ONE, STARZ, and more! Aside from entrepreneurial achievements, Torera has also been invited to perform at several school assemblies, sporting events, and various ceremonies over the years!

Currently a full-time (Dean’s List) student, the young entrepreneur intends to continue nurturing and growing her multimedia outlet while simultaneously branching out into different ventures to solidify a universally reputable brand. Torera is also making active efforts to explore her passions more intimately and hopefully find an additional occupational title to add to her growing resume.

Wicker Twinz Anc


The Wicker Twinz Atlanta natives, Solai and Yoni Wicker, better known as The Wicker Twinz, are multi-talented entertainers and social media influencers who have a collective following of over 6 million organic Instagram supporters and over 700k subscribers on YouTube. Their combined efforts have led them to be The National Ambassadors for the Arkansas MLK Commission. As such, The Twinz speak, host, & perform at various community events around the country that are geared toward non-violence and center on the importance of knowing the history of Dr. King's movement and voting. The duo has been using their reach and influence to positively impact the youth for years by encouraging them to not be afraid to explore their dreams or be themselves as part of the Anti-Bullying School Tour. Yoni and Solai speak/perform at the events, as well as sign autographs, and hand out backpacks and school supplies to youth throughout the country.


Born multifaceted entertainers, The Twinz started off as child models walking in their first of many runways shows at 3 years old which led to performing spoken word by 9. By 13, Solai and Yoni were sought after music video/ background dancers known for their ability to quickly choreograph their original live dance performances. The Twinz have dance appearances in Molly Barzy's "Wood", QC artist Kollision's "Walkin", and Yung Dro's Tik Tok. Not ones to limit themselves, The Twinz stepped from the background to become artists themselves releasing their first of five independent singles, "The Main Event" in 2020. That release eventually led The Twinz to tour with That Girl Lay Lay. With no signs of slowing down, The Twinz plan to continue to make waves in the entertainment industry with new music & their reality-based sitcom set for release fall of 2024.

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Mya Nicole Johnson, often known as Thee Mya Nicole, is from Angleton, Texas. A small town south of Houston. Her achievements include creating a viral TikTok dance that opened many doors for her which included being on the Jimmy Fallon show, participating in Young Thug & Gunna’s Ski music video, and having her & her friend’s dance challenge made into a Fortnite Emote. She was also able to obtain her dance copyrights through a partnership with Logitech & Jacquel Knight. She was the 2021 Adweek’s Dance Creator of the Year & a 2021 VMA Nominee for Best Viral Dance.

She had the opportunity to participate as a new cast member on Crown Lake where she made her debut as an actress. She’s currently working on growing all her social media platforms & making consistent YouTube content for her channel. She is also the founder of TMN Apparel. She has launched 2 drops of merchandise & looks forward to growing her business. This year she is focused on growing as influencer/entertainer and trying new things. Her Instagram has 1.8 million followers. Her original TikTok had 2.4 million followers with over 55.6 million likes. She is currently working on recovering that account. Her YouTube has 574 thousand subscribers.

Mya Anc
Lola Anc


Lola Ann Clark also known as Blasian Baby Lola on her social media platforms is a multicultural, CEO, artist and entertainer from South Jersey. She has appeared in many ads, commercials, & print work for major brands and networks; such as, Bose Electronics Commercial w/ NFL Player Carson Wentz, Five Below, Sesame Street, Old Navy and more! Lola was the face of hair toy "Blinger" by Hasbro Toy Company. She also appeared as a main role on many tv shows and networks like Nickelodeon, On Demand, QVC, & Rachel Ray. She is an experienced Model, Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Social media influencer, Entrepreneur, & role model in her community. Lola is also a scholar student and spokesperson, as well as creator of a female empowerment club called "C.R.O.W.N.S for Queens" at her high school. A club was made to inspire young females to gain self-confidence as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, etiquette, and mentorship to young students. "The C.R.O.W.N.S for Queens" Club also services local middle schools in the South Jersey area to Mentor young children about problems they may be dealing with.

Not only has Lola used her platform for her singing & acting career, but she has also used it to give back to the community by helping young females gain self-confidence and strive to become a leader. Everything she does has a meaning. Being a songwriter & singer, Lola has created songs expressing emotions and time periods of what a teenager goes through. Lola has a lot of big things coming up and continues to work hard for the next generation.

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Chyna Willis was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She made herself into a brand with her love for dancing, acting, and big personality which then hastened her platform's fast numerical growth at 16 years old. Later in her media career Chyna created her very own E-Commerce business and began to sell merchandise to her supporters all over the world. Chyna is a role model for many who aspire to live confidently, spiritually, and momentous. Among all her star qualities Chyna is a loving sister to 6 siblings and a leader first.

Chyna Anc
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