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GRL PWR: From Dance to Motherhood, these sisters balance work and life effortlessly! [Preview]

Content creation and social media have only become prominent career choices within the last few years. A decade ago, it was not common to identify as a professional content creator, let alone an influencer. Hence, we were eager to learn how the NaeNae Twins were able to build a name for themselves and a foundation that set them up for success. Zhané expressed that they simply began by filming and publishing "everything." Further elaborating that, for years, their mother had encouraged them to capture content from their day-to-day lives and make a YouTube channel. Shayné explained that they never took their mother’s advice until later, once they decided to relocate to Los Angeles. The ladies thought it would be more interesting to capture their journey to manifesting their dreams as dancers. Thus, they picked up their cameras and eventually took their mother’s advice because, as the saying goes, mother always knows best.

A few of the many achievements that the sisters are proud of include getting their "Savage Remix" dance copyrighted with the aid of popular American choreographer JaQuel Knight. Shayné and Zhané also pride themselves on being the very first recipients of the "Favorite Online Dance Challenge Video" at the 1st Universal Dance Awards hosted at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California. Both sisters also toured nationally and internationally with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea for two years. Shayné also personally added her pride in performing with Lizzo during the Grammys despite the absence of her twin Zhané, which was a challenge she has had to learn to overcome.

One of Shayné’s biggest obstacles has been learning to perform without the presence of her twin sister. "We always felt, like, that bond and that connection [...] of, like, us dancing together on stage and having that energy, so I feel like... [ORDER A COPY OF GRL PWR TO FINISH READING]

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