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SCULPTING TOMORROW: EthanGamer (Preview)

14-year-old Gamer and YouTuber, Ethan has been building his presence for a very long time! Earning over 2 million loyal subscribers, and recognition from big brand names like scholastic, and even Nickoloden for the Kids' Choice Awards. Starting with just an ordinary headset and passion to play, Ethan began to unconsciously build a community with similar passions. So, we decided to have a one on one with Ethan to see how a simple passion that many tend to disregard, turned into a lifestyle and career for him! With happiness, Ethan gave us the load down, even sharing tips for other aspiring gamers like himself!

When did you first find a passion for gaming? Why did you have such a great love for it?

I have always liked gaming since I was little, I always found it great fun and, in the beginning especially, it was something I could share with my Dad. I love gaming and have done for years because there is just an endless choice of games, you can connect with people, you can build and create, and it really is just so much fun!

When did you decide to share your passions with the world?

I started watching YouTube when I was 7 years old. I saw people having fun and wanted to try it out myself! I also enjoyed playing games on my iPad. The two just came together naturally.

How did your family react when they learned about your love for gaming and that you wanted to pursue it?

My Mum & Dad have always been really supportive. If I’m happy and having fun, my parents are happy! So, when I started gaming and they would see me smiling and laughing, they wanted that feeling and vibe to stay.

What were the beginning steps like for you, how did the beginning phase go for you?

It was very easy and a lot of fun. I was playing lots of new and fun games and as 7-year-old, that was heaven! I knew I was recording, and I knew I was on YouTube, but I didn’t really think about where it would lead, or how many followers I would have. It was all about having fun and sharing that with the world, although I didn’t really expect to share it with so many.

When did you start to notice that people were following you and your progression?

When I was 9 I moved school, and people were recognising me and asking me about my channel. Being recognised was new to... [PURCHASE DARE DOUBLES TO FINISH READING]

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