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Sponsor Form

We are super excited and honored that you are interested in sponsoring our business! In order to properly apply please download the attachment below and print the document. The attachment holds a PDF that must be completely filled out and mailed to the address below. Why do you have to mail it? This minimizes the submission of duplicate forms and eliminates incorporeal applicants. We take our job and time seriously, especially when it comes to our sponsorship and whom we represent and represent our business. Thank you once again for your interest in wanting to sponsor us, we look forward to working with your team!

Featuree Form

Benefits of being a sponsor to/for XBlaze Magazine consist of...

✔ FREE Advertisment in our magazine(s)

✔ FREE Promotion on our media platforms

Download Document

Please Remember to...

  • Print form.

  • Complete legibly and completely.

  • Print where indicated, sign where indicated.

  • Date form. 

  • Scan and attach it to email.

At this time, please email your completed application to the email address below. All applications will be reviewed in the order which they are received. Please allow 7-14 business days for a decisions email to be sent back.

 Email Address 

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