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DARE DOUBLES : The Mad Twinz | Preview

Triple threats Makayla and Makyla are all round entertainers! From singing to dancing, and modeling to acting, these ladies seem to do it all. Makayla and Makyla got a little taste of the industry at the age of three, when they participated in an Afrocentric themed fashion show. Not too long after that, the sisters began developing an interest for the entertainment industry; then their interest turned into vehemence!

Their desire for music and singing later fueled their fire, after their mother bought them a device that was like a karaoke box— except it showed them on their television as they sang. The Mad Twinz explained that their passion for dancing was influenced by their father's passion for dancing. Articulating that, "That's all he does is dance! If you look on our page you will see some of the Dubsmashes that we’ve done with him because he’s a dancer."

Makayla and Makyla revealed that they were motivated to bring their talents out to the public's eye due to the encouragement of their parents. During our discussion, the sisters disclosed that they used to Dubsmash in 2016 but stopped due to an influx of negativity. It was the byproduct of encouragement from their parents and best friends that made the ladies resume in 2018, “and we just grew from there.” Since then, the ladies have turned the hate and negativity they received into fuel and later began to... [PURCHASE DARE DOUBLES TO FINISH READING]

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