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DARE DOUBLES : TM Twins | Preview

Taneeyah and Meniyah are the twin sisters that make up the TM Twins! The sisters are elegant and passionate professional dancers that seem to have the ability to switch up their dancing styles with ease. In less than a year, the sisters have gained the recognition of thousands around the world. Even aside from dance and music, Taneeyah and Meniyah have also been part of a few musical theater productions and hope to break into acting in the future!

Meniyah enjoys singing, as well as dancing, and displaying her talents on all platforms. Taneeyah is the twin that choreographs all their dances for Tik Tok, Instagram, and all their social media platforms. Taneeyah generally enjoys anything that pertains to the entertainment industry.

When Taneeyah was much younger, she wanted to pursue law and become a lawyer, but then her plans changed when she found an interest in the art of dance, she began pursuing dance on a professional level. Stating that she would love to be "choreographing for big artists and dancing around the world." In contrast, Meniyah has been aspiring towards becoming a professional singer since the age of three, "and I'm still leading up to that," adding that she fancies dance, and wants to append her dancing to her artistry as a musician.

In the earlier years of their lives, the TM Twins said that they got along well as children but... [PURCHASE DARE DOUBLES TO FINISH READING]

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