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35th Annual Stellars Awards: What to Expect + SNEAK PEEK!

For many of us, the current COVID-19 has ruined, postponed, and canceled many of our lives’ greatest milestones and plans. For some, the pausing impact of the pandemic has given us a reason to finally slow down, relax and take a long-needed break and spend time with those who we love… and for others, COVID-19 has just been a good reason to stick our heads back in our comfy shell. Whatever this pandemic has been for you lately, we can all agree that it has changed our lives in ways we did not expect. Yet, we have chosen to evolve and adapt to our current circumstances. Thankfully, Don Jackson and his team decided to do the exact same thing with the 35th Stellar Awards!

Originally the 35th Annual Stellar Awards was scheduled to take place live at Las Vegas, Nevada on March 27th. After becoming a global crisis in early March, the 35th Annual Stellar Awards had to reschedule its live taping to August 19th instead, in compliance with COVID-19’s social distancing measures.

No one, and we mean NO ONE expected quarantine and social distancing measures to last this long! In fact, it is probably safe to say that many people expected the pandemic’s impact to dilute as the months went on… but unfortunately, it did not. Mr. Jackson and his team, seeing that the conditions of this global crisis were only getting worse, decided to completely scratch the live taping for 2020. Hearing this was very saddening, but the Stellars never fail to deliver! Soon Stellars fans and Gospel lovers around the world were reassured that the show would be returning as a two-hour virtual special in the third quarter of 2020, “the new show format will harness the power of technology and creative television production to honor the best in Gospel music.” the Stellars team elaborated in an email. Their new approach has also created space for the prestigious award show to honor first-responders and late Congressman John Lewis

Now here we are in August, quicker than we expected, only minutes away from the big night! Not only is this year’s award show aesthetically unique, but it will also hit much differently than previous years! During the Stellars press briefing, Mr. Jackson revealed that each performance was custom made for each performer and he repeatedly expressed his excitement for this year’s show, making us anticipate the premiere even more! Talents and Performers like James Fortune, Donnie McClurkin, and Pastor Mike Jr. also shared that they cannot wait to see their own performance because they have not yet seen the final product of the show! Plus, Kierra Sheard revealed that she will be performing with J.J. Hariston tonight as well! We can confidently assure you that the performances you will witness tonight will be life changing and breathtaking! Aside from the phenomenal coordination of talents and performers for the 35th Annual Stellar Awards, Kirk Franklin, Koryn Hawthorne, and Jonathan McReynolds will be walking us through the two-hour special tonight as our Host and Co-Hosts! To our surprise, co-hosts Koryn and Jonathan expressed their relief with the Stellars transition into a pre-taped show during the briefing! Both artists elaborating on the fact that pre-taping reduced their anxiety and nerves of doing it before millions of people. Although Kirk Franklin did not express feelings of nervousness or anxiety with whether the show was pre-taped or live, he did articulate that he admires both Koryn Hawthorne and Jonathan McReynolds as musicians and his thankful to be working with talents of the “next generation”!

Sneak Peaks:

Tye Tribbett, Tauren Wells, Doe & Travis Greene + Koryn Hawthorne (in order)

Notwithstanding, you can expect a night full of surprises from tonight’s award show as they let God minister and take complete control for the night! Again, the Stellar Awards have a great reputation for always delivering, so although we are not exactly certain what to expect— be ready for a SHOW that will shake you to your core!

To watch the Greatest Night in Gospel, be sure to tune into BET or BETHerTV at 6pm ET or 9pm ET for the Stellars Special. Also be sure to follow The Stellars on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

...And when you tune in tonight, just remember that you got the heat here first!

Written by Torera of XBlaze Magazine | All Rights Reserved ©

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