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BREAKING: Vocal Bible, Brandy Norwood hospitalized in LA due to possible seizure


It has been reported that singer, songwriter, and actress Brandy Norwood, also popularly referred to as the Vocal Bible, has recently been hospitalized. It is alleged that this hospitalization is due to a seizure that she may have suffered earlier Wednesday, October 12th, in her Los Angeles home. Although Brandy is expected to bounce back and recover, the true cause of her hospitalization and her current state have remained concealed from the public.

Brandy's hospitalization follows news of her brother Ray J expressing thoughts of suicide via social media earlier this week. Ray J had uploaded a blurry photo taken at night, from what seems to be the view off of a bridge to his Instagram story. The text within the post expressed that he would have jumped off of the bridge if it were not for his children.

The story behind Brandy's hospitalizations and current conditions are expected to be unveiled, as this is currently a developing story. However, we send our prayers to Brandy and the entire Norwood family. We also encourage others to respect the privacy of this family as more details are released regarding Brandy and her health.


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