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DMV EDITION: Living Legend? 16-year-old Kelvin Dukes in an ICON in the making! [Preview]

Kelvin Dukes is the 16-year-old high school junior who has been singing since the age of three, acquiring almost thirteen years of singing experience! The young Fine Arts devotee enjoys expressing his creativity through channels like drawing, singing, acting, dance, and other hobbies. An artist who chose to make the stage his second home by the early age of eight, the art of performing and entertaining has become second nature for the singer and theatrical enthusiast, making his growth tremendous over the years! From hundreds of stages and shows all around Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., to the national stage of America’s Got Talent’s fifteenth season, Kelvin has turned millions into raving fans that just cannot seem to get enough of his captivating presence and lively personality! An artist who clearly displays dedication and strong work ethic, and years of practice, it is only just that Kelvin is an audience favorite and garnering the attention of people around the world.

An unforgettable part of Kelvin’s up bringing included hearing his parents play a lot of music from their time around the house, which included foundational Soul and R&B legends! A great number of the music Kelvin’s parents played around his home, along with the ones he explored on his own, heavily influenced his musical taste and overall style. Kelvin considers himself an old soul due to the music he grew up around and the fact that he is drawn to studying the musical art of older musicians like Sly & The Family Stone, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and several other prized artists and even producers. The young musician would often find himself studying these artists, singing along with them, and mimicking the vocals of the songs he would hear on television. Eventually, after engrossing himself in musical performances, he decided to try his hand at theatrics and began to take part in theater productions. Around the age of 10, Kelvin began acting at a local 4-week academy where students were permitted to nurture interests such as singing, drawing, acting, and more. One day, during the academy’s rendition of the infamous classic “Anything You Can Do” by Ethel Merman, Kelvin fell...[ORDER THE DMV EDITION TO FINISH READING]

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