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DMV EDITION: 23-year-old Comedian with nearly a decade of work! King Paul, from Vine to TV [Preview]

...Paul was up to now! Running with nearly a decade of content creation and growth, King Paul has gained a number of supporters, recognition, opportunity and so much more!

Do you still find yourself feeling overwhelmed as a creative and content creator? Do you still feel as though your account is not truly yours, or as if "people follow me for videos so I can't just, do whatever..."?

I definitely get overwhelmed about my social media presence to this day. There are times that family members, church members or close friends reach out to me when I post certain things and give me the “that ain’t it” speech. And if it doesn’t come from my loved ones, it’ll come from my fans in the comments sections or my DMs. It hasn’t happened to me recently because I usually learn from my mistakes but there are times now that I want to post certain things that may be raunchy or show my dark side of humor, but I catch myself and just undo whatever I’ve typed or prepared to post.

Last time we spoke you were a full-time content creator on Vine—better known as Viner— and made mention that your parents are very supportive of you 100%! Now that Vine is gone, what has changed, and what other social platforms have you utilized?

I stopped using Vine about a solid year before they deleted it so the app being removed didn’t really affect me. I started making videos on Instagram once they made the 15-second video update. My loved ones support me on the top 3 apps that are used today. Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. I’ve decided to give YouTube a break. It takes a lot of patience and determination to be successful that I just don’t have the energy to do.

You made mention that you used to receive email offers from various companies and major networks in 2014 and 2015. Does this still happen now?

Fortunately, I still do receive emails from companies and networks to this day and I respond to most of them. I am still shy, but I accept all offers that I feel like will be beneficial to me and I just learn as I go and trust the process.

Have you been opportune to have a Meet & Greet or any type of social event with your followers as you wanted to in 2016?

I haven’t really hosted a straight up meet and greet. I’ve done things [like] little pop-up shops and have made appearances at certain events where I let my followers know that they could meet me there. I don’t want to really host a meet and greet because I feel like it would be too overwhelming for me. I always expect the worst and hope for the best but the worst that comes to my mind when... [ORDER THE DMV EDITION TO FINISH READING]

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