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DMV EDITION: 16-year-old Author, Entrepreneur, Model and more— Lexi P. [Preview]

Lexi, popularly known as Lexi P., is the teenage entrepreneur, model, public speaker, author, and aspiring actress who has been blazing a trail since her elementary school years! Mentoring thousands of girls, producing life changing products and garnering the interest of press on a national level, Lexi has definitely been taking the DMV area by storm! She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of eleven when she published her first book ‘Curly Girls Love Your Curls’ in February of 2016. Lexi’s reasoning behind the origin of her children’s book came from the fact that she did not see many people around her that resembled her. Sadly, the lack of diversity around her caused her to be singled out and heavily bullied in school over her complexion and beautiful natural hair. This led younger Lexi to believe that she was not the beauty standard.

Kids would tease Lexi at school due to her uniqueness. She recalls some students often telling her “Move! I can’t see through your bushy tree!” or “You look like somebody from the 80s!” due to her big afro hair. Remarks like these were the ones that hurt Lexi and caused her to frequently request for her hair to be straightened during her salon visits. She even recalls sneaking into her mother’s bathroom to grab a flat iron, “frying” her hair. Though those dear to her would often remind her about how beautiful she was inside and out, Lexi still lacked one thing that many kids often seek. Representation and someone they can relate to. Shortly afterwards YouTube began to grow in popularity. Soon the entrepreneur found herself admiring girls on the platform that would wear their natural hair shamelessly and advocate hair care. This was when Lexi decided, “you know what? I wanna start wearing my curly hair.”

As a result, this led younger Lexi on a grappling journey of discovering self-love and confidence. During this phase of self-discovery, the author quickly...[ORDER THE DMV EDITION TO FINISH READING\

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