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Kelly Hu speaks on role preparation, working with Steve Harris, and hopes for BMF season 3.

Detective Jin is introduced to viewers at the beginning of season two as Detective Lopez’s replacement and Detective Bryant’s new partner. Off the bat, it is clear that Jin is serious about her job as a detective and did not come to Detroit to play. It is apparent that Detective Bryant is not too receptive of his new partner, but he is left with no choice but to work with Jin if he wants to be an actively working detective. Detective Jin is played by American actress, model, pageant queen and entrepreneur, Kelly Hu.

Kelly Hu was offered the role of Detective Jin. Though excited, Hu was a bit nervous about joining the cast due to a number of reasons. "It was a show that was already established, I was only coming in on season 2… everyone had already had a full season together. Being the new girl […] coming in on season two [...], it was a bit nerve-wracking!" Hu candidly recalled with a smile. Regardless of her nerves, she expressed that she enjoyed filming season 2 and working with colleague Steve Harris.

Kelly lived in Los Angeles, California, during the heydays of the Flenory brothers, further adding that she was probably also "at some of the same clubs even… with my fake ID." Kelly laughed. Still, Kelly had no idea who the Flenory Brothers truly were or what BMF was all about. Upon being added to the cast, Hu did her due diligence and researched the Flenory brothers and BMF crew. Kelly described the research period as fascinating, elucidating that the history of BMF was quite interesting to research! Further expressing that the BMF Docu-series: Blowing Money Fast, had her jaw dropped, equally as much as viewers at home. "It’s amazing that these guys existed and were able to pull off what they did," further emphasizing just how influential BMF was, for there to be a series on their history.

Though Detective Jin is a completely fictional character in the BMF story, Jin was born and raised in Detroit, growing up in Chinatown. When asked by Bryant, Jin essentially explains that she has decided to come back to Detroit to cleanse and rebuild the community. In addition to this Kelly stated that the tragedy endured by her sister is another crucial factor as to why Jin is a detective working in Detroit. Upon Kelly’s research, she learned that during the reconstruction of Detroit following the decline of the automotive industry, Chinatown was allegedly relocated; however, the relocation was used as an opportunity to drive citizens of Chinatown out instead, due to the heavy racism towards Asians in the 1980s. Kelly elucidated that the discrimination was also fueled by the popular belief that the Japanese were the reason behind the decline of the automotive industry in Detroit. "So she’s really driven by justice; and trying to find justice for her sister, her community [...], and all of Detroit really."

When Jin is introduced it is clear that she has a dominant energy to her, something that seems to intimidate Bryant a bit. Their relationship starts off a bit rocky, but Jin makes efforts to build an amicable environment. As they begin to realize that they both have the same end goal of catching the bad guys, their relationship begins to take a turn for the better. Hu believes that Detective Jin gained a soft spot for Detective Bryant once she witnessed him being a father to his son Kevin. However, even during their intimate moments, Jin does not allow Bryant to dominate her either. "So I think that she’s very careful about how she approaches this relationship [...] and she still wants to be looked at and respected by him as an equal partner still," further attesting to Jin’s constant demands for transparency and honesty from Bryant.

In episode 9, Kevin Bryant is arrested for shooting his bully, and Jin plays an important role in comforting Kevin and fighting for him behind closed doors. Bryant expresses his gratitude for Jin’s support, but Jin is not having it. Making it crystal clear that she is only trying to help Kevin and could care less about Bryant. To many viewers, this seemed like the end of Bryant and Jin’s relationship and possibly the termination of their professional partnership. But Hu says viewers will simply have to wait and see how their relationship will play out in the next season. "I think she wants to be able to trust him. She wants to be able to have this partner that she can rely on, and she’s constantly battling for that." Yet, Hu explained that Jin seems to be placed in a tough position as BMF’s second season wraps up. Hu stated that she is battling between her values and desires to have and be there for Bryant, however, as a "warrior for justice" and Bryant’s "moral compass," Kelly Hu elucidated that Jin is going through a battle within herself. Leaving the question of how much is Detective Jin willing to take and how far will she go to help Bryant with Kevin.

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