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Little Mermaid (2023) First Look & Listen! The First Look at Halle as Ariel has People Emotional!

​After nearly three years since its very first announcement, Disney has finally released a tease that gives viewers a first look at The Little Mermaid Live Action Movie that is projected to release in May of next year (2023).

The first look into Ariel's world was unveiled during Disney's D23 fan club hours ago during this year's highly anticipated Expo! The snippet takes views under the sea where we cath a glimpse of Ariel who is played by American Singer-Songwriter Halle Bailey, popularly known for her membership in sister duo ChloexHalle, as well as for her past roles in the hit television series Grownish! As we follow the Little Mermaid, we can see the detailing placed into the scenery of Ariel's native environment. We're on Ariel's tail for some time before her face is finally revealed! Here is what we really have to say about our first impression of this highly anticipated live-action film...

In addition to the historic casting of Halle Bailey, an African American Actress, and Singer as the Little Mermaid who has been primarily conveyed to the world as a lighter skin underwater creature that many have assumed to be of caucasian descent. The Little Mermaid (2023) has also incorporated the concept of natural hair, allowing the Atlantic creature to have numerous strands of Locs! This is a big deal for naturals, as well as individuals with locs, especially Halle. It has been no secret that Halle and her sister Chloe Bailey were discriminated against and denied opportunities due to their hair. Hence this is a very BIG deal!

The sneak peek is only 83 seconds longer, hence we are not given much to go on about, but just enough to keep us talking and at the edge of our seats! The snippet already has the world and internet going crazy, with many people awaiting the full studio version of Halle's rendition of the notorious Disney Original Track "Part of Your World"!


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