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Myles Truitt speaks on opening up this season, learning BMF's history and his original audition.

B-Mickie appears to be one of the closest BMF members to Meech and Terry, but their relationship begins to change when Meech and Terry learn that B-Mickie is in a relationship with Kato in season one. This season, all ties are cut in the final episode as Meech disowns the relationship between himself and B-Mickie. B-Mickie is played by 21-year-old Myles Truitt, who has been working on his career for nearly ten years.

Being a lover of nostalgia, this is something Myles requests that his agents prioritize when aligning him with possible jobs and castings. Consequently, when BMF was searching for actors, Myles’ team alerted him of the call. Originally auditioning for the role of Terry, Meech’s little brother, Myles was also asked to give B-Mickie a shot as well. Myles stated that he gravitated more towards B-Mickie’s character after being given some lines to bring to life on the character's behalf. "As a man, and um, growing into that, it was cool just trying to play both sides of that animal savvy, killer instinct type of guy. And then, also this season, see more of a spiritual, human aspect to him."

When he came onto the set, Myles knew little about BMF and had to gain more knowledge along the way. "When I got the script, I was maybe nineteen. The only thing I knew about was, ‘they know I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover,’ you know what I mean." Myles sang while reciting a portion of Rick Ross' chorus to B.M.F (Blowin' Money Fast), a 2010 single. "So when they sent me the script, I was like, ‘Oh wow, this is about Meech and his story.’ And that just goes back to— I love being able to educate not only other people but myself about history." Further expressing the importance of properly sharing history that isn’t mainstream and would otherwise be inaccessible to the general public. Drawing back to the restricted curriculum presented in mainstream education about African Americans. "Growing up, through middle school and high school, all we knew about us [...] and people who looked like us was Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Civil Rights and Slavery [...], and it was a continuing cycle." Once Myles became aware that this history of Blacks and African Americans in America did not end there, possibilities became endless. This mindset further influenced his desire to join the BMF cast.

When asked to describe B-Mickie, Truitt did not hesitate to identify the character as a soldier. "He is that left- and right-hand man... anything you need from him, he's gonna do! You know, only because [...] he has an objective of loyalty to show." Emphasizing that his goal was to portray him as your average gangster on the corner, but also as a human being that still has a personal life that viewers can relate to or empathize with. Truitt explained that while many people cannot relate to Meech and Terry's characters, he believes that B-Mickie was such a level-headed and down-to-earth character that viewers could relate to him more easily.

Many have credited this season for allowing viewers a deeper look into the lives and minds of the show’s characters. In addition to more scenes that spotlight Terry, Lucille, Charles, and more viewer favorites, we were also granted the ability to hone in on B-Mickie through some of the powerful scenes Myles Truitt delivered. When asked what challenged him this season, Myles expressed that episode 7 was the most challenging to film, being that he still has his mother and could not even wrap his mind around the thought of being in B-Mickie’s shoes. "I had to sit for maybe an hour before filming just… just removing myself from all the extraterrestrial things that could alter my motive and energy." Doing this really helped Myles zone in on the possible emotions, thought processes, and demeanor of B-Mickie in that moment. Though that scene pushed Myles to use theatric skills he had never really demonstrated in front of the camera before, he said it was something he needed to experience as an actor at this point in his career.

B-Mickie makes his final appearance for the season during Meech’s sendoff in episode 10. B-Mickie, who is unaware that Meech is currently highly unsatisfied with hearing that Detective Jin was spotted leaving his spot, shows up to the celebration. When Meech is approached by B-Mickie, Meech states that B-Mickie is dead to him. Myles expressed that B-Mickie revealing his wired cap, "that was very— a dishonorable moment in that time where we jumped out the window right after [..] being caught by detective Bryant and Jin." Myles further explains that B-Mickie has always understood where Meech came from, but Meech seemed to lack this understanding when it came to B-Mickie this season. Leaving the question of whether forgiveness can be given, for the relationship to be rekindled.


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