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SCULPTING TOMORROW: Akiley Love (Preview)

If you watch Coming 2 America on Amazon a few months ago, you probably couldn't get over how gorgeous all of Prince Akeem's daughters were! Neither could we!? Akiley Love is the 12-year-old actress best known for her role in Coming 2 America (the sequel Coming to America, 1988) as Prince Akeem's (played by Eddie Murphy) youngest daughter, Princess Tinashe! After a very bubbly and stunning performance on the big screen, we knew we had to grab some chit-chat time with this princess and dive into her aspirations and her experience on set with the entire cast!

When did you first find a passion for acting? Why did you have such a great love for it?

I became interested in acting after watching a lot of Disney channel shows every day after school. I loved the Disney channel because the shows on that network were always very funny and made me laugh, which is something that I love to do as well. I was basically thinking to myself “if they can make me laugh through the screen, why can’t I make other people laugh the same way?”

When did you decide to share your passion with the world?

When I was 6-years old I decided to ask my mom to put me on Disney Channel. She asked me “why” and told me that it would not be easy. She made me stand in front of her and audition the same way that I would in front of casting directors. She asked me to convey any emotion that she asked me to and said that if I can pass this test, she would get started on trying to put me on Disney channel.

How did your family react when they learned about your love for acting and that you wanted to pursue it?

I do not think that my family really believed that I was serious about acting at first. After asking my mom to put me on Disney channel, it took her 2 years to start the process of getting me into the industry. She told my aunt, my uncles and my grandmother, but nobody was really shocked or seemed to pay much attention to it. My mom is very determined though, whenever she puts her mind to something, she GETS IT DONE! So, when she noticed that nobody was really taking the news of me wanting to be an actor seriously, she got to work fast because she wanted to prove to everyone that it was not a joke.

When did you start to notice that people were following you and your progression?

I started to notice that I had fans after people started to leave comments on my YouTube channel saying that they are “my biggest fan” and that they “love me so much”. That is when I really started to feel like people knew me. I was surprised because I am just a regular kid who goes to school and lives a regular life, so it was shocking to see that people are starting to think of me as a celebrity. It made me feel important and it also inspired me to reach more people by creating more content.

Being a child actress, were there any blocks you met in the road due to your age?

I believe that there is just as much work available for child actors as there is for adult actors. In this industry, there are only a select number of productions that are available to the talent throughout the year, so you...[PURCHASE DARE DOUBLES TO FINISH READING]

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