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SCULPTING TOMORROW: Kaci The Model (Preview)

At only 8 years of age, Kaci is a professional model, a recording artist that sings and raps, and a dancer! Oh yeah, and let's not forget that she is a founder and entrepreneur! Did we mention that Kaci is ONLY 8 years old!? This little star has released hits like 'Watch My Feet' and 'Wana Have Fun', at such a tender age she has been invited to multiple states to come and perform on stage at events and honors! A girl with some sass and pizzazz, we knew KaciTheModel would have an interesting story about how she started her journey as a Multi-talent and what her hopes are for her future in the entertainment industry!

When did you first find a passion for entertainment? Why did you have such a great love for it?

I first found my passion for entertainment when I was 3 years old. I had a great love for entertainment because I was able to have fun.

When did you decide to share your passions with the world?

I decided to share my passion with the world when I started modeling at 4 years old.

How did your family react when they learned about your love for entertainment and that you wanted to pursue it?

My family was very happy and supportive of my dreams and helped me pursue them.

What were the beginning steps for you, how did the beginning phase go?

My beginning steps were a learning experience. I was modeling in my very first show and it was my turn, so I went out and saw all the people and I turned around and ran back behind stage and one of my modeling sisters walked me back out and down the runway with her and everyone was cheering and I’ve been modeling ever since. That taught me support is everything.

When did you start to notice that people were following you and your progression?

I was shocked that so many started to notice my talent and that a lot of people were supporting me and encouraging me to... [PURCHASE DARE DOUBLES TO FINISH READING]

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