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Caitlyn Price, best known as CeCe, is the 12-year-old comical social media sensation who has been in the game for nearly 9 years, garnering millions of supporters, and observers worldwide! CeCe, who also enjoys doing impersonations, stand-up comedy and has plans to begin acting professionally, has been praised for her talent of making people laugh, whether in person or through the screen! Though some may be unaware, CeCe is actually also a dancer that has mastered various dance styles such as hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, and more! The young jokester began her journey when she was a lot younger. CeCe said it all started some days after the historical election of Barack Obama. Her mother had spontaneously pulled out a camera and began filming her daughter as she began her improvised dramatics. CeCe told us that at that moment, “I fell in love, and right after that we just blew up… and now we’re here,” still delivering humorous content to the masses, with a bigger goal of becoming a successful actress in the professional film industry. When CeCe’s family initially noticed her passion, they were all incredibly supportive of her. “They was happy, they was excited, they was shocked cause they didn’t know that I was gonna be the star of the family,” nor did they expect that CeCe was going to be an international sensation, however, they were more than thrilled for her and have been backing her with complete support ever since.

After the publication of CeCe’s first video, she explained that she just kept shooting videos and producing at-home clips for social media. Being that she was doing something she naturally loved, it was not a dutiful task for her to continue to produce her silly content. Not too long after her presence on Instagram and Vine began to blossom, CeCe transitioned into skit production for YouTube. Not surprisingly, viewers from YouTube fell... [PURCHASE DARE DOUBLES TO FINISH READING]

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