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DARE DOUBLES : Brooklyn & Bailey | Preview

Brooklyn and Bailey are YouTube and social media sensations that are best known for their characteristic YouTube content. Initially, the ladies entered the YouTube community as models for Cute Girls Hairstyles, a channel that belonged to their mother. The ladies modeled different hairstyles their mother did on her channel until they decided to create their own channel at thirteen years old. “So many people were curious about our personalities," especially since the ladies were typically only modeling and never really interacted with the viewers. Therefore, the sisters started the Brooklyn and Bailey channel we have all grown to know today. Now, with over five million subscribers and followers, these sisters have not only opened their own shop, but also started their very own mascara line, dropped a few singles, and have been on tour!

When Brooklyn and Bailey were kids, they never had intentions of becoming YouTubers or Influential creatives that impact millions. Brooklyn made mention that she never really had a dream job but, she knew that she wanted to have a good job and be a hard worker. Bailey expressed that she dreamt of becoming a Veterinarian, adding “I just loved dogs and animals," she elaborated," and then YouTube came around, and now, here we are.”

The McKnight's described their relationship with one another from childhood until now, similar to that of two best friends (except this one has been there since the womb)! "I mean, my parents would joke all the time about when we were little in our cribs… One of us would say something and the other would giggle.” Bailey mentioned, emphasizing on the fact that they were much younger and likely speaking in baby gibberish. Still, although the sisters do argue, as siblings regularly do, they stated that it is a lot harder to... [PURCHASE DARE DOUBLES TO FINISH READING]

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